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How to suggest and mark a territory

How to suggest a dog friendly place or a pet business on our website

You can suggest a dog friendly place or a pet business when you are logged in on our website.

To log in on our website click HERE.

When you login the app shows PROFILES on the green tab menu


Click on PROFILES to access your dashboard.


Here you can manage the profiles of your pets, your businesses if you have any, you can add a new pet, a new activity.

Click on SUGGEST A PLACE to suggest a dog friendly place or a pet business and on the next screen:

  • Select a category  from the right column
  • Type the name of the place or business
  • Add a description
  • Add a main photo
  • Add a contact email, the telephone
  • Add the address by street, road or post code and lookup for it, a pin will show it on the map

Once you have completed the form you can then submit your suggestion. We will then verify it and let you know when it will be visible on the app.


When you suggest a place or a business, this will show on your PROFILES page.


How to mark a territory

When you suggest a new place or business, you can also decide to "mark that territory".

To mark a territory check the box "Make this one of Your Marked Territories (you can edit details and add photos)". This will then show on your PROFILES.


When you mark a territory, you become a contributor to the content of that place or business. This means that you can add photos, descriptions, opening hours and other realtive information. This way you will help the community to access useful information about places and businesses.

To edit your marked territory, click on it from the PROFILES page.


Click on EDIT from the menu on the left side. Click on GALLERY to add photos, browse, choose and upload!


You can also add opening hours if you know them or edit the description and the general info.