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Toxic Plants Protecting your dog 6

Toxic Plants - Protecting your pet 6

Since I last wrote, puppy has grown in size quite a bit and more plants are accessable to her.


Jasmine - authors own photo


Pretty plants in pots that have some toxicity have gone up on to a table or into the sectioned off part the garden.

Jasmine can go in the garden but with supervision. At the moment she is more interested in eating mud and bringing it into the house but there has been a time when she grabbed an Allium stem and it had to be removed from her mouth before she swallowed it.

The Alliums have finished flowering but are still toxic. There are other plants that are now flowering and of interest to an exploring puppy.


Shrub Peony - authors own photo

The Peony looks lovely but these can give a dog that has eaten any a very upset tummy.

Shrub Peony roots are most toxic but in tree Peony the bark is the most toxic part.


Lupin, Lilly and other plants on the table out of reach of puppy - Author's own photo


I have written about Lupins before. These plants were moved on to the table as Jasmine was very keen to investigate.

The seeds are highly toxic to dogs. Lupin beans are used as a snack in some countries but should not be given to dogs.

Top left of the photo is an Acer 'Crimson King', which is not toxic to dogs but is to horses. 

Mostly I write about plants that are toxic to dogs but lots of plants are toxic to cats, dogs and other animals.

So alway check if your buying a plant and an animal can get to the plant.


Podophyllum versipelle 'Spotty Dotty' - Author's own photo


It isn't everyone's choice of plant but sometimes you see a plant and just want to buy it.

This Podophyllum caught my eye at one of the RHS flower shows.

Not difficult seeing as the leaves were huge.

My specimen is still quite small but for the first time has flowered.



However, I won't let Jasmine near this one as it is highly toxic. Something they didn't tell me at the show.

I love the leaves. They are big, green with white varigation and dark spots -hence the name.

Jasmine would find this one easy to swipe as she walked past so it is kept well away from where she can access.


Lily not in flower - Author's own photo


Lily is another toxic plant usually only if eaten in quantity for dogs.

For cats the Lily is a must to keep away from.  Even a small amount injested could cause a fatality to a cat.

They should also avoid brushing past the plant or must not drink water that has come from the pot of a Lily.


One plant we know Jasmine will like, is strawberry. 

Our last Rottie used to pick a strawberry for a little snack every time she walked past the pot.

Jasmine already loves strawberries so she will have access to these plants.


If in doubt about a plant having poisonous or toxic properties, please check.

A good garden centre or nursery will be able to tell you.


Finally, we called our puppy Jasmine as it is a pretty name but Jasmine plants are highly toxic to dogs. How did that happen!