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This is Me

- by Billy - in Lifestyle & General interests

Tags: Cavapoo, introduction, PUPPY

A Bit About Me


Hi! I'm Billy and I just wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself. I'd like to share with you my stories, adventures and probably a few naughty things I've done. 

I am a cavapoo and I was born in 2014. I live with my mummy and her housemates. Mum works full time but when she's not at work we like to go places together. Sometimes it's somewhere fun. Or somewhere where there's food - I do like a nice pub lunch! We go on holidays and lovely walks. Some days we like to snuggle (in between walks of course!)

Mum wasn't liking the idea of crate training me so I started off sleeping in a cardboard box by her bed at night. I never woke her up in the night (she was very annoyed about that.  Mother does need her beauty sleep!)

Mother is a first time dog owner so I've had to teach her just as much as she has taught me. If not more. She taught me to sit and come, I taught her about anal glands and new cream carpets not being an ideal combination. She taught me to fetch, I taught her what fox poo and dead hedgehogs smell like.  So far, it's been working well.

I learnt to travel in the car (mother needed me to be portable) and discovered a passion for tennis balls.  

There's nothing better than Mum and I heading off out with a tennis ball (or 6. I tend to pop them or she loses them).  I am a trifle vocal with a tennis ball though. Mother does need reminding that she has throw it.

I look forward to sharing my stories with you all.  I shall ask Mother to start with some of our past adventures and holidays.

Ta-Ta for now folks!

waves paws