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Needle Felting Dogs. Putting the colour on.

Needle Felting Dogs -Putting the colour on

If you have been following the last blogs, you should by now have a dog shape, ready to put the colour on.

We are making a Beagle, so we need brown or tan, black and white wool. We are using Merino (23 microns) for the colour.

Depending on what breed you have, you can use your own colours.

White, black, tan and brown.

Put the brown around the eyes, covering the eyes for lids and shaping the head. Use black and make a little nose.

Some white between the eyes going up tot he forehead like Beagles have.

Make two ears, as much the same size and shape as you can.

Attach each ear on the side of the head. Work them in well.

Keep working on the ears so they are well attached. Nothing worse than ears falling off.

Keep building up the head now the ears are on, so the head is the right shape and size and you can't see where the ears were joined to the head.

To get the colour on the body, start with small pieces of wool and use the needle to work it into place.

Then to put the wool on the legs, work the ends of the wool into the shoulder area then wrap the wool around the leg and work it into place.

Work the two front legs almost straight but the back legs need a bend to look like a dogs leg.

It takes practise to make needle felted models look like a real dog. Keep working on it and evenutally you will be able to make realistic looking or characterful dogs.