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Needle Felting Dogs. Getting started.

Needle Felting Dogs. What you will need to get started with needle felting.

If you have a dog (or other pets) whos likeness you want to capture in a media other than a photograph, needle felting may just be the thing to learn.

It is theraputic, enjoyable and fun to do either alone or in groups. In a group you can chat and get valuable tips and tricks from others who have been felting for a while. 

You will need some things to get started:-

  • Felting needles
  • Needle holder
  • Foam mat
  • Wool

Basic Info to help you along your needle felting path

Felting needles come in lots of different styles depending on what your making, I will talk about these another time but start with a 32 gauge needle which is a triangular needle with 3 barbs, these catch the wool and make it hold together. Needles are very sharp and you have to watch your fingers. 

A holder is used to make it more comfortable but you can use the needle without a holder.

The foam mat is the area where you work as the needle passes through the wool and needs something soft but with some resistance and it is better being foam not your leg or furniture. I use a wooden tray under the foam mat as I sit in a comfy chair to work but you can sit at a table, do it outside or anywhere your comfy. 

Wool is required to needle felt. If you are making a 3D model like a dog, you need to start with core wool which is a coarse, bulky wool that felts togther quickly.

Merino wool is fine and comes in lots of colours. Merino is used to cover the core wool and give final shaping and colour. If you try to build the body with merino you will be stabbing the wool forever trying to get any shape.

There are lots of other types of wool available, we will talk about those another time. I use suppliers that are cruetly free, so I know the sheep are well cared for and have a great life.

The above item will get you started.


My next blog will tell you how to start making a needle felted dog.