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Meet the Bernese Mountain Dog

- by Peter - in Breeds, Lifestyle & General interests

Tags: breed, Bernese, dog breed, mountain dog, walk




We are adorably cute and affectionate and provided we are socialised early we love everyone.  Unfortunately we don’t have a very long life span, on average between 6- 8 years so be prepared for some tears when or if we say goodbye earlier than expected.  Sometimes called the Little Swiss Bear we are cuddly and super cute.


We are protective of our family and will be polite to strangers but will always be watching them to ensure they are not harming our family members.  Provided we are introduced early we love children climbing all over us and giving us lots of affection.  We are patient dogs that like other pets in the house and generally are easily trained.



Brian and David on the TV show “The New Normal” have a Bernese named Smelly.