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Meet the Basenji



If you can't decide whether you like cats or dogs than one of our breed might just be your best bet. We clean ourselves similar to cats and are extremely curious.

Don’t be surprised to find us watching you whilst you are in the bath. We don’t bark but have a rather strange sounding “yodel”, particularly when we want attention.

We consider ourselves part of the family and expected to be treated as such. No leaving us with food and water in the yard as this will surely lead us to be destructive and a little spiteful. A fantastic trick we all love to play is making blood-curdling noises instead of barks, that will definitely get the neighbors talking.

We need huge amounts of exercise and should not be left alone. We are the houdinis of the dog world so be on guard…


Basenjis don't really like rain and will not go for a walk if it is too wet.