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In Praise of Poo Bags

Poo bags: positive measure for responsible dog owners to protect shoes and children? Or blight on the countryside as they hang, full and knotted from branches and fenceposts for years?

Well, I will leave that for you to decide while I dive down the rabbit hole that is 'Other Uses of Poo Bags'.

Like any responsible owner, I always have a poo bag about my person, in a bag, pocket or even a boot...and there, right there, is use #1: a temporary liner for that moment when your wellie springs a leak. It's got me out of trouble many a time. Ever been on a dog walk and encountered unexpected hedgerow booty?

This week alone, I have filled numerous poo bags with hazel nuts, blackberries, bilberries and damsons.

The joy of the hedgerow haul is only just trumped by the look of surprise on peoples' faces as they note that

  1. you're carrying a very full and untied poo bag;
  2. you just dipped your hand in it and ATE something;
  3. you have no dog in sight

On a dog walk a neighbour offers you a small plant pots to hand and so, voila, you whip out a trusty poo bag that has just morphed into a plant nest until a pot is found.

You've popped to the shops on your bicycle, but your seat has got rained on. Praise the poo bag/seat cover in your back pocket. I'm a keen traveller and enjoy trying to pack light; poo bags are great for keeping undies separate and make fabulous shoe covers to keep clothes clean.

I could go on, but you get the idea, I'm sure. What are your favourite non poo uses for poo bags? And just when you thought it couldn’t get any available; rainbow poo bags! this opens up a whole new palette of uses....