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Dog Tracker Nano

Dog Tracker Nano & Bauwow working together to offer you peace of mind.

Dog Tracker Nano offers a 15% discount to all the dogs of our lovely community!


To claim your 15% discount add a "One Year Contract" or "Unlimited Contract" or "Special Edition" to your basket HERE and enter offer code "BAUWOW" at the checkout


The offer does not apply to Monthly Contract. If you order more than one Nano package the discount will be applied to the total order value.



Why Dog Tracker Nano?

Because Dog Tracker Nano is the only tracker that gives you:

  • Live GPS Roaming SIM & Speed Track for Fast Accurate Tracking 24/7/365
    • See where your dog is, where they have been and where they are going
  • Viewcam and compass directions
    • Find your dog in the dark or when they are hidden from the view
  • Multiple dogs and multiple users
    • You, your family and friends can track your dogs for extra safety and securit


And also:

  • Detailed satellite and street maps
    • No place to hide whatever the terrain
  • Virtual safety zones with audible alerts
    • Set a perimeter around your home or current location with instant mobile alerts when your dog leaves the zone


  • Waterproof with rugged design for active Dogs


  • Unlimited, Annual or Monthly Contract


  • UK Design, Build and Customer Services


Nano is for experienced dog owners and pet professionals looking for a tracker with lots of features that will last a long time.



Not convinced yet? See what testimonials say about it

“The Retriever that doesn’t retrieve……but a Nano that does!
Our roving Labrador retriever Flynn has had his Dog Tracker for some 3 years now and never goes anywhere without it. Today we were down by the muddy river, and as usual he ‘fell in’. After romping in the shallows, he emerged to shower us with filthy water, and grin. Suddenly we noticed he wasn’t wearing his collar! From the App, I knew I wasn’t more than 3m away, but the locality seemed to be in the river. ‘Find’ elicited lots of excitement at one spot, so my wife waded in to investigate. Sure enough, lying on the bottom was – a large stick. A retriever who can’t retrieve. However, groping along the river bank for 2m, my wife suddenly held up one red collar. It was in 1/2m depth, and it still works. Brilliant.”

“I can't tell you how much the Nano Dog Tracker has changed our walks. We have two Cockerpoos who love chasing rabbits, der, squirrels, birds and anything else that moves. Our daily walks would usually involve spending more time calling for them and searching through the woods than actually walking.
The Nano doesn’t stop the dogs from enjoying themselves in the woods and we can see where they are and find them easily. In fact, now they usually come looking for us as we don’t call them back as frequently as we used to! I can’t recommend the Nano track enough – worth every penny!”

“The serial offender
I have my Nano set up to simply track Izzy, my black Labradoodle, who disappears into the blackness of the early nights & late mornings. Where’s my dog? Hiding! Deliberately defying my calls to come back indoors while clearly within earshot, according to the satellite images. She’s busted: very funny, but also a massive relief as previously I’ve fretted that she’s wandering down the middle of the Bath Road. Its great to see this working & my initial review is this is a Godsend. Can’t wait to set up the pin drop perimeter which should be useful as our land is an odd configuration. She’s a bit of a tart when in season, so this will be particularly invaluable at those times..”


Get your Dog Tracker Nano HERE and use the code Bauwow to get a 15% discount!