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Australian Cattle Dog

- by Peter - in Breeds


Super Intelligent and always in need of a challenge, that’s me.  If you can make my training interesting and fun and always positive I can be the most incredible dog, but if you let me get bored, ah well you may not have a house left when you return.

I am lovable and bond closely with my alpha owner, but I can love other family members too.

I am in constant need of stimulation and entertainment and do not do well without it.




I have a tendency to dog, chase, destroy or bark if bored so make my life interesting and I will be a wonderful companion.

I need lots of exercise and prefer an open space to run and play.  I am not really a great apartment dog unless you can take me out for a couple of hours each day.

So? Walkie? Walkie? Walkie? Play? Play? Play?


The Australian Cattle Dog is known as a VELCRO dog as it will always remain close to its owner under all circumstances.